Meet the Team

Hello, there! This is a quick introduction to the “team” here at ItsAllOurVault (IAOV). First of all, we sell on eBay full time. We buy and sell anything we can get a good deal on, but the majority of our inventory includes vintage and antique items. We have 10+ years experience and have decided that we’d really love to share our knowledge with the world and build up a community where sellers can talk about their best scores or get support from others.

The team includes:

“The Wallet” (A.K.A. “The Boss,” A.K.A. Jen) – She owns this business and has been listing on eBay for over ten years. She’s a yard sale junkie and an auction house addict. She controls the inventory and keeps the rest of us in line.

“Eagle Eye” (A.K.A. Me, A.K.A. Karen) – I do most of the listing around here, and try to keep everyone on schedule. I also answer the eBay messages and do most of the blogging and website designing (coming soon!).

“The Captain” (A.K.A. Mrs. Frizzle, A.K.A. Kim) – Kim is the Captain of our shipping room (see what I did there?). She packs up the items and ships them out all across the world. She’s also one heck of an interior designer! Seriously, she took our box room from drab to fab in a single day. Now we’re twice as efficient! (She’s also our designated bus driver, so clearly she’s Mrs. Frizzle incarnate – minus the crazy hair.)

For us, stories are worth a million dollars. We love hearing about where an item came from, but we also like knowing where it’s going. It’s such a gratifying feeling to know that our items go to people who appreciate them and that we’re able to help preserve history by doing what we love to do.

We’d be so interested in meeting more eBayers – novices or experts – and always relish in the chance to learn something new. We’ll try to keep these blog posts short and to the point, and always helpful! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at


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