My Weekly Score: Rogers Tea Serving Set

This is the beginning of what we hope to be a regular series on this blog – My Weekly Score. In each post, we will outline one particular item that we’ve picked up and successfully sold. Any relevant information will be included, in hopes that you can learn what we’ve learned and keep an eye out for similar items!

Last week we picked up the beautiful silverplate tea set you see above for $5. FIVE DOLLARS. What a deal. It turned out that this set was made by Wm Rogers – a great name that usually sells very well. It was a complete set with the coffee pot, tea pot, sugar bowl and lid, creamer, and tray included. All pieces were vintage and silverplate. It also had “800” stamped on the base.

We listed this for $49.99, and after 6 bids it ended at $121.99. We included shipping, so the end price for us was about $105. That’s 21x times what we paid for it!

The best part about this sale is twofold. First, this set was actually damaged/broken. The handle was snapped off of the sugar bowl and there was a small dent on one of the other pieces. Seconly, we had set this with a Buy It Now price, since it was free with the listing sale that eBay was putting on. The BIN price we set? $100!

This just goes to show you that you never know how an item will do on auction. We could’ve set this out on fixed price for $50 and gotten 10x our money for it, but we would’ve missed out on a lot more. Also, don’t be afraid to list broken or damaged items. Sometimes the buyer just doesn’t care. And just because you might not know how to fix something, doesn’t mean someone else won’t!

Happy hunting!


One thought on “My Weekly Score: Rogers Tea Serving Set

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