My Weekly Score: Vintage Dress Form

Sometimes a seller’s tools can also be a seller’s treasure! Take a look at the dress form down below. We used this old thing for a while, but finally decided to part with her because we had two and just didn’t need both. She’s from Acme, is  a size A, and is completely adjustable. Perfect for when you need to take pictures of dresses and coats.

She was in great shape still, so we took a picture of her and listed it for $74.99. The average sell price was a bit higher than that, but making any money off of this would be a profit for us. By the time she ended, we had 39 watchers and it got bid up to $128.50. Whoo hoo!

So, now we’re eyeing our second dress form and wondering…should we sell this one, too?

I think we’ll hold onto her for a little while (we’ve named her Brunhilde, so we’re sort of attached). We’ve got one of those plastic forms that you can hang up, but it’s not quite sturdy enough for some of the heavier dresses and coats. It is perfect for lightweight shirts though, and it much easier to handle than the form.

So, take a look around your office or store – do you have anything that’s just sitting there, taking up space and reminding you how often you need to dust? Look it up on eBay, and you might just find your next item to sell! Do you have any success stories about office supplies that you’ve sold because they weren’t doing much good? Leave a comment below.

As for Brunhilde? It looks like she can keep her day job. For now…


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