My Weekly Score: Madame Alexander Dolls

We’re big fans of buying things in bulk over here – dinnerware, flatware, clothing, jewelry, etc. Not only can you probably get a better deal for buying so much, but you can split up the pieces and sell them individually for a larger profit. It also makes listing much, much easier because you can streamline the process and just change a few details for each new item. You can put up a whole bunch of auctions in mere minutes, instead of a couple of hours.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a huge group of vintage Madame Alexander dolls from the 1980’s. We had all sorts of them – international dolls, fairy tale dolls, even dolls from classics like Little Women. In this case we didn’t get a chance to buy them in a group, but had to buy them individually at auction. No matter – we got a great price on them and ended up getting 46 in all. They were so easy to list, too! We kept the phrasing the same, and just changed a few words here and there when necessary.

Check out a few pictures of these adorable dolls below.

The international ones sold the best and within the first week we had already sold a handful of them. Time passed and a few slowly trickled out of here. Then, a few weeks ago, they started selling like hotcakes again! I don’t know what sparked the sudden interest, but I wasn’t about to complain. There was even a listing sale right around that time, so we lowered our prices (by that time we had already made our money back) and now we only have a couple left.

So, which Madame Alexander dolls sold the best? Well, our international ones did quite well, but I would venture to say that any of them can sell for a decent price. You just have to wait for the right buyer. Our top three earners scored us over $40 each – Sweden, Austria Boy, and Scarlett from Little Women.

The lowest we sold any doll for was $18.00. Considering that we had already earned our money back by that time, that’s still a pretty good chunk of change. We were even able to sell the dolls that weren’t in their original boxes anymore. Remember, just like we told you in our Rogers Tea Set score, never discount something just because it isn’t pristine and perfect. Sometimes people still want it badly enough that they’re willing to pay for a less than mint item.

So, after all that talk, I’m sure you just want to know one major thing: how much did we actually make off of these dolls? Well, we never paid more than $20 for a doll individually, which was still high considering the amount that most of them sold for ($25 to $35). We spent a total of $533.50 and have sold $1,090.98 worth of dolls. And we still have five left!

These dolls are great investments. They’re good for children who just like to play with them (they’re not so old that they’re impractical for kids anymore) and they’re still highly collectible. They also fit all sorts of niches: dolls, ethnicity/culture, fairy tales, historic figures, characters from books, etc. You should be able to sell these to any number of markets.

Have you guys had any luck with MA dolls in the past? This was our first experience with them and it was a great one! Got any cool stories to share? We love reading and responding to comments!


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