My Weekly Score: Shell Necklace

We sell a lot of jewelry around here (if you haven’t already guessed by our previous posts on it) and we’ve come across some really wonderful pieces. What I truly love, though, is being completely surprised by how a particular piece does on auction. It happened to us just the other day.

Check out the necklace above. Does it look special to you? It didn’t to me! I actually considered throwing it in our junk jewelry pile, but I figured someone would like a necklace with real seashells on it. And they were shiny, which is always a plus for someone looking to spruce up her outfit! I decided to give it a try, just to see if it got a bid. We started it at $19.99, which is typical for our necklaces.

Boy was I surprised.

This got an instant bid, and the number of watchers grew consistently over the next several days. The bidding jumped to around $40 and stayed there until almost the end. My first reaction was to worry – did I make this necklace seem like something more than it was? Had I misled the buyers somehow? But, no – I’m careful with my descriptions, always making sure that I give an honest and specific portrayal of each item.

So, then, what was the big deal?

We didn’t find out until after the listing ended, but it turns out that these are (juvenile) maireener shells. These shells, and the necklaces that sport them, come from a time before the colonization of Tasmania. Yep, they’re that old! (And pretty collectible because of it.) They used to be traded for other items and worn by women of the aboriginal tribes. There’s a whole lot of history that I won’t get into here, but I’ll list some links below if anyone is interested in learning some more information about them.

So, the big question is…what did our necklace sell for? Well, there was a big bidding war raging in the last few hours of the auction, but it finally settled on *drum roll* $148.49! This necklace also went to a collector – who was ecstatic about her new buy – which is always a plus in our book!

This just goes to show you…list everything, even if you don’t think it’ll be worth it. eBay sellers know a lot of stuff, but they can’t know it all. Trust your instincts, but be willing to take risks. It can really pay off – literally!



2 thoughts on “My Weekly Score: Shell Necklace

  1. timelesslady says:

    Beautiful necklace. I wish it was mine.

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