My Weekly Score: Parker 51 Fountain Pen


That’s all I can say after selling this pen (and others like it). Never in a million years did I expect a single pen to do this well on auction. But, hey…I’m not complaining!

Parker was an incredible company that produced a slew of different pens over the last 100 years. They began in 1888 and continued with the mantra of always “making a better pen.” (You can learn much more about the company here.) The Parker 51 is the world’s most sold fountain pen and it took – wait for it – ELEVEN YEARS to develop.

That’s some serious dedication.

The pen we sold came with a group of other Parkers (mostly 45’s and 51’s) and some other writing instruments from lesser known companies. This particular pen was part of a line that had the “blue diamond” on it, which is very good in the world of Parkers. It wasn’t a double jeweled pen (meaning it didn’t have a plastic “jewel” on both ends of the pen) but was a blind cap (meaning it just had the “jewel” at the top). This particular one was 16K gold filled, with a black body. The 51’s are from the early 1940’s.

So, drum roll please? We bought the lot for $50 and sold this particular pen for $81.00. Bam! That’s pretty awesome. So far we’ve racked up $400 in profit. We’ve even got a couple more sitting around here, so we’re not done yet!

On Monday I’ll go over in detail how to sell these pens for profit. I’ll also outline some of the other types that we’ve had in here so you can get an idea of what are some good ones to look for. Keep an eye out for our post!


One thought on “My Weekly Score: Parker 51 Fountain Pen

  1. […] Friday we talked about our big score for the week, which was a Parker 51 pen that we sold for $81. Today I want to give you the ins and outs of […]

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