Word of the Week: Cabochon

The definition of this somewhat foreign word is pretty simple: it is a gemstone (real or otherwise) that is polished and round instead of faceted.

This is a beautiful brooch from Sarah Coventry called "Americana." All of the glass stones are cabochons.

Cabochons generally have a flattened bottom and a rounded top. For faux gems, this allows it to be easily pasted into the setting. Transparent gems tend to be faceted so the light can pass through it. Opaque gems are usually cut en cabochon. Soft gems are usually cut this way too, as scratches will be less evident across the surface.

This is another beautiful brooch from Sarah Coventry called "Contessa." You can see that the center gem (a faux opal made of glass) is a cabochon and the surrounding glass rhinestones are faceted.

This is a great little word to keep in your arsenal, especially when you’re buying and selling costume or fine jewelry!


One thought on “Word of the Week: Cabochon

  1. […] jewelry make use of various gemstones and rhinestones – all of which come in different cuts. I’ve talked about cabochons in the past, but today I’d like to mention the rose […]

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