My Weekly Score: Pewter Measuring Cups

We picked up these neat measuring cups at our local auction house for $10. They’re made of pewter, so we figured they’d be worth a little bit of money. They’re pretty medieval looking and would make a great addition to a kitchen, dining room, or bar.

It turns out that these awesome measuring cups are actually from France! Even better than that? They were made in the 1800’s.

These cups were kept at the bar and used to measure the amount of alcohol someone was being served, as a sort of assurance that they weren’t getting jipped. The cups were often inspected and stamped with the person’s initials. Three of the four cups that we had were stamped with the letters “JH.”

So, these four little cups sold on auction for $49.99. Not bad for a $10 investment! This is what I like most about going to auctions and selling the items online – you never quite know what you have until you do a little sleuthing.

Happy hunting!


2 thoughts on “My Weekly Score: Pewter Measuring Cups

  1. poyye says:

    I love to sleuth but it takes so long for each item. I also love to buy but I don’t have much room in the house and I’ve made a pact that if I buy then I have to sell a similar item.
    In my shop I have a copper measure that is stamped “New York Weight”. I found that it was a legal measure that the law would use when they came around and checked buisinesses honesty.
    When people ask me who told me this I usually have to say that, gee, I can’t remember! So now I usually put the reference on my tags so that I don’t act so totally stupid.
    I have a fondness for measuring cups. Usually with handles so that I can display them by hanging them on the walls. Unfortunately for sellers and fortunately for buyers it is now a buyer’s market so that you can buy them low and then what? Sell them low. LOL
    But, it’s great fun and much better than buying from Ikea because the merchandise is so much better and unique. Who wants a measuring cup that is found in every one of your friend’s kitchens?

  2. Thanks for that wonderful comment, Debb! Sleuthing can take FOREVER, but when you can finally track down the right information it is totally worth it. And I agree – vintage items are so much better than mass produced items. Gotta love those conversation pieces!

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