Word of the Week: Mustache Mug

It seems various items with mustaches on them have become quite popular recently. Necklaces, t-shirts, bracelets, pillows, etc. While this is all fine and dandy, it actually has nothing to do with what I’ll be talking about today: the vintage mustache mug.

A mustache mug is a coffee or tea cup designed to keep the hot liquid away from a man’s mustache.

You see, back in The Good Old Days (you can picture Victorian times, for example) the men all styled their mustaches with wax! When the hot liquid touched their lips, the wax would melt and their mustache would begin losing its shape.

We're talking sweet 'staches like this one!

In comes the mustache mug! There’s a little “shelf” on the inside of the cup, near the rim. This keeps the mustache from directly touching the coffee or tea. A little hole in this shelf allows the drinker to enjoy his beverage without having to worry about his mustache.

How nifty is that!?


One thought on “Word of the Week: Mustache Mug

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