My Weekly Score: Carnival Glass Fruit Bowl & Stand

I love Carnival Glass. There’s just something about it that is so intriguing and so beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors: marigold, ice blue, amethyst, rootbeer, smoke, and a whole host of others. It’s shiny and iridescent (what girl wouldn’t love that?) and the designs are beautifully crafted.

So, I was excited when this piece came through our doors:

It’s a fruit bowl that comes with a stand. The maker is Imperial Glass, and it is signed in the very center with their usual stamp (an interlocked “I” and “G”). It’s orange in color, but is referred to as “marigold.” After some digging (and a few days of mistaken identity) we found out this pattern is called “Twins.”

It’s only about 10” tall and nearly the same in width. It would most likely be used as a centerpiece for a table and could be filled with a variety of things – namely fruit. We were lucky this had absolutely no damage.

We got this beauty for a mere $17.50 and ended up selling it for $65.00, more than tripling our initial investment. I hope this got to go to someone who will appreciate it for a long time to come – it’s too beautiful to have it locked away in a cupboard somewhere!


5 thoughts on “My Weekly Score: Carnival Glass Fruit Bowl & Stand

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  2. Irene says:

    I have this bowl but do not have the stand unfortunately, perhaps it got broken at some point back in my family, not certain.

  3. Evelyn Whipple says:

    Beautiful piece! I have the same exact one that belonged to my father. Looking to sell

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