Word of the Week: Carnival Glass

Carnival Glass is pressed glass with an iridescent shine to it.

Although known by many other names, this got its current name in the 1950’s when it was often given out at carnivals and fairs. However, it should be noted that carnival glass was purchased well before the 1950’s and often outside of such places, and even directly from the manufacturer.

So, the big question here is: how does carnival glass get its color and iridescence? It actually attains it through metallic salts that are added to the glass during the firing process. Fenton was the first company to make it – as a less expensive alternative to the widely sought after iridescent Tiffany glass – and called it Iridill. Most carnival glass, regardless of which company made it, was produced before 1930.

Many companies have since created their own patterns, shapes, and colors. We’ve seen a lot of Imperial around here, but many other big name companies made it. Carnival glass is highly collectible and a great seller on eBay. Join us back here on Monday for an entire “How to Sell” segment on carnival glass!


One thought on “Word of the Week: Carnival Glass

  1. […] glass. First, I showed you this beauty that we recently sold. Then I went on to explain exactly what carnival glass was and how it got its start. Now I’m here to tell you the best ways to buy and sell […]

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