My Weekly Score: Jennings Bros. Pickle Castor

As an eBay seller, one of the most annoying things about buying and selling is that you sometimes have to sit on a particular item for weeks, months, or even years until it sells. And one of the best things is when you put up an item for auction and it immediately sells!

Lucky for us, the item below falls into the second category!

This is a Jennings Bros. pickle castor. It is quadruple silverplated and the glass is clear with an etched shamrock pattern. It comes with tongs and is signed on the bottom with the company’s name.

A castor is a type of container that is usually used for serving condiments. In this case, a pickle castor is used to serve pickles! (Go figure, right?) These were obviously functional pieces, but they were also highly decorative.

Not only is the glass highly decorative, but the stand, handle, and tongs are ornate, too!

We’ve seen some amazing pickle castors come through here – cranberry glass and Vaseline glass among them. This one isn’t as flashy, but still quite ornate and beautiful! I particularly like the etched clovers, which would make this a great piece for around St. Patrick’s Day, as well as a great springtime piece.

A beautiful etched pattern!

We paid $36.40 for this little guy and got an instant return of $81.00. Sometimes you have to wait for an item to sell, and that’s fine. Honestly, I would say the majority of our items are like that and, nine times out of ten, it’s worth the wait. But I’m glad we didn’t have to wait to see this little guy go to his new home. 🙂

Here's the company's stamp on the bottom, and also where they say it is quadruple plated.


Let us know what you think!

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