My Weekly Score: Lion Lamp

You might remember this little beauty from our “Word of the Week” post about figural items.

It is an original kerosene lamp made of brass and frosted glass. It has hand painted flowers across the glass in the middle, as well as four lion heads protruding from each side.

The really neat thing about this lamp is the fact that it hasn’t been converted – it has no cords or wiring running through it! It has a circular wick along the outside of the top and a compartment for oil beneath. It didn’t come with a lamp shade or chimney, but it was otherwise in excellent condition.

We bought it for about $30 and ended up selling it for $153.50! I knew it was going to do well – it’s such a beautiful piece! – but I never thought we would get five times our money back!

I love when that happens. 🙂

I think it sold for so much for a variety of reasons: the fact that it was old and original, the fact that it was hand painted, and the fact that the lion heads made it unique and regal looking. Keep an eye out for any of these elements and you should do well!


2 thoughts on “My Weekly Score: Lion Lamp

  1. GEREAN says:

    The big cat items; Lions, panthers, tigers, etc. are selling really well in the Northwest. Your lamp is a beauty! Thanks for sharing! ~Gerean

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