My Weekly Score: Fostoria “Rose” Water Goblets

One of the worst things in the world is to have a set of beautiful glasses (or spoons or bowls, etc.) that you just know will sell if you could only just find the stupid pattern. We’ve all had our share of roaming the internet for hours trying to find the maker or pattern name to a set of something or another.

So I always enjoy it when the maker puts their name on whatever their product is. It makes everything a MILLION times easier.

That’s what happened with the glasses below. It’s a set of nine and out of all of them, only one had a “Fostoria” sticker on it. Lucky break.

All I had to do from there was go to Replacements and type in “Fostoria Rose” and guess what came up? The pattern name. Guess what the pattern name was? “Rose.” Go figure.

You can’t always make such assumptions, but this time you would’ve been right. These were gorgeous – a beautiful thin glass with a great ring to it. An etched rose on one side – classy and simple. Plus, Fostoria is a great name and these were made in the USA – which a lot of people would appreciate.

We paid $13.44 for these glasses and ended up selling them for $76.00! That’s better than a 5x return. Awesome!


Let us know what you think!

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