My Weekly Score: Figural Cigar Cutters

(Just a side note that this is our 50th post. Hooray!!)

We’ve had pretty good luck with vintage tobacciana products – that’s stuff that has to do with tobacco and smoking. Whether it be ashtrays or lighters, we always turn a nice profit on them.

This time around, we had three different cigar cutters up for sale…and they all sold to the same person! Each one was made of brass and in the shape of some sort of animal. They didn’t have any major identifying marks, but I was able to track down one of them and date it to the late 1800s. Chances are the others were of a similar age.

First up we have this beautiful cutter in the shape of a dragon, with a dog on the opposite side. This one was my favorite and it was HUGE! It was almost 10” long and about 4” wide.

Next was this neat one that looks plain at first glance, but is actually in the shape of a bird. I didn’t think it was going to sell, but at the last minute someone bid on it!

This one was definitely a close second when it came to which one was my favorite. This is also the cutter I was able to pinpoint the date on. It’s in the shape of a horse and is made in such a way that when you open and close it, it looks like it’s running! It’s dressed up in full wartime regalia.

We bought the dragon cutter for $22.40 and the other two were $5.60 each. That’s a total of $33.60. We ended up selling the dragon cutter for $44.99, the bird for $34.99, and the horse for $41.00. That’s a total of $120.98. That’s over three times what we initially paid for them!


5 thoughts on “My Weekly Score: Figural Cigar Cutters

  1. Ryan Taylor says:

    I just read your post and I picked up a cigar cutter identical to the horse one. I bought it from an old guy in kona Hawaii am he had it hanging on his barn wall. Could you possibly send any info you have on it and how you dated yours to the late 1800’s? Thanks ryan

    • All the information is basically in the post. We did a lot of Googling, and a lot of verifying between different eBay listings to narrow down the date. That’s pretty much the best way to do it!

  2. Frank jarrett says:

    Hello I have a very similar cigar cutter in brass and it’s a snake shaped cutter looks like the same maker possibly??

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