Word of the Week: Cranberry Glass

We’ve gotten our first request – cranberry glass!

After mentioning that cobalt glass was one of my favorite colors of vintage glassware, one of our readers heartily agreed. When I mentioned that I loved cranberry glass too, she mentioned that I should share some pictures of it. Great idea!

First off, let’s do a little background information:

Cranberry glass is also called “gold ruby” because of how it’s made. Basically (without getting technical and flubbing up some of the details that I really don’t understand) it’s made when you add gold oxide to molten glass, which you get by adding gold to acid.

Pretty cool right? I had no idea you needed gold to make this type of glass! This glass is typically hand blown or hand molded, so that just adds to the value.

Here are some pictures of cranberry glass that we’ve had around here:

This is a gorgeous hanging lamp with cranberry glass along the top that fades into clear glass.

This is an orchid-shaped vase of a deep cranberry color. Beautiful!

Here’s another vase with a brighter color of cranberry. This was hand-blown.


Let us know what you think!

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