My Weekly Score: Imari Egg Coddler

Now, if you are like I was a few weeks ago, you probably have a pretty blank stare on your face. An egg coddler? What the heck is that?

Answer: A device to make coddled eggs.


A coddled egg is – apparently – a lightly cooked egg. (Can you tell I’m not a huge connoisseur of eggs? I like mine either one of two ways: hard boiled or scrambled.) They are prepared using an egg coddler – a metal or porcelain cup in which you first butter the inside, then crack open an egg and drop it in. You screw on the lid and put it in a pot of very hot water (not quite up to boiling).

They turn out similar to poached eggs.

Right, so…what was the point of this post? (Now I’m hungry…)

Oh, yes! Egg coddlers.

These are actually quite collectible. It depends on the maker, but Royal Worcester makes some pretty fabulous ones, including the one you see in the pictures I’ve provided.

This particular coddler is in the “Grainger Imari” pattern. It’s a king sized coddler (4” tall) and was made in England. This was in perfect condition – no chips and no cracks.

We bought this one for less than $4 and resold it for $32.11. Told you they were collectible!


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