Spotlight: Sarah Coventry

As I said in last week’s post, I’m going to start switching up our themes for Monday. We’ll still have the How to Sell series, but I’m also going to include some other things that we’ve learned over the years of selling on eBay. I want to start off with my newest idea: Spotlight.

Spotlight posts are going to take one company, one pattern, one era, one something and give you the history on it. As a seller (or a collector), it’s always important to know as much as you can about the items that you resell or collect. Not only does this make you sound more competent, but it’s also fun and interesting!

We’re going to start off with one of my all-time favorite costume jewelry makers – Sarah Coventry!

“Americana” brooch

Charles H. Stuart had already created Emmons (another jewelry company) by the time he decided to make Sarah Coventry into its sister-company. SC was named after Stuart’s granddaughter and started production in 1949. The primary means of selling their jewelry was to have home fashion shows, which continued until 1984.

Throughout the years, this company has used several different marks and stamps to identify their pieces. You can find the history of the company that I detailed here, plus a breakdown of the different stamps and when they were used at this link here.

There are so many things I love about this company. The first of which is quality. They produced costume jewelry – which means that no previous or semi-precious stones were used – but they had some spectacular designs and some really wonderfully made pieces. If you’ve got a really great piece of costume jewelry in your hand, there’s a pretty good chance that it was made by Sarah Cov or Emmons. And since the same guy owned both companies, that should give you some insight into how he ran his business.

Speaking of designs, check out some of the pieces we’ve come across. Aren’t they beautiful? Sarah Coventry tends to be bright and fun without being gaudy. I think costume jewelry has a bad reputation for being a little over the top, a little outdated, and a little on the hokey side. Not SC. These designs are timeless and there are plenty of people who still enjoy wearing these.

SC also has some pretty spectacular sets. They’re often very classy looking, and not too outlandish. One of my favorite is this gorgeous and sparkly one you see below. I also particularly like it when I can find the name of the set. This one is called, “Contessa.”

This set is called “Contessa.” We had earrings and a brooch.

How do you feel about Sarah Coventry jewelry? Do you own any pieces? Recognize anything we have here?


7 thoughts on “Spotlight: Sarah Coventry

  1. […] particular book is one we just recently came across. As you probably know by now, my favorite designer of costume jewelry is Sarah Coventry. We have some general books on costume […]

  2. I have a descent collection on sarah Coventry jewelry. I want to sell it. Please feel free to contact me about the collection. I also absolutely love the contessa broach and earrings you have. Thank you.
    Sincerely a big fan,
    Brenda Collett

  3. T says:

    i picked up the “Contessa” brooch at a yard sale its very prety sadly it is missing a jewel but its still lovely!

  4. Angela Moore says:

    I lost my house in hurricane Katrina. I had the contessa broach. My Nona gave to me for my high school graduation. I’ve been looking for another since. Please if anyone knows where I can find one I’m very interested. Thank you!!

  5. Diana says:

    Want to sell my brooche how do i do that

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