Word of the Week: Milk Glass

No, I’m not talking about the cup your drink your milk out of every morning.

I’m talking about this stuff:

Milk glass is a type of glass that is opaque or semitransparent. The most well known and popular color is white, which is what gave it its name, but it also comes in blue, pink, yellow, brown, and even black.

Milk glass was made as far back as the 1500s and was developed in Venice, and it’s been pretty popular ever since. Some people have HUGE collections of this stuff. It’s made into all sorts of shapes and sizes.

I’ve found that there’s “good” milk glass and “bad” milk glass – some pieces just seem cheap to me, like they were made differently. “Real” milk glass is not hard to come by, though the colored pieces might be. If you find it at a flea market or yard sale, consider buying it. It sells pretty well online.

Here are some pictures of pieces of milk glass we’ve come across:


This is an example of blue milk glass. This is actually the “Doric/Delphite” pattern from Jeannette.


3 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Milk Glass

  1. thatmidcenturyfella says:

    I often find milk glass at thrift stores. I should start snatching it up. I think it might look good in my guest bedroom!

  2. Terry Jamail says:

    This photo you have on your June 12, 2012 page. Shell shaped. Exactly what is it? Do you know? Thank you.

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