Fakes & Forgeries: Candlewick vs. Boopie

In this newly developed series we’re going to explore items that resemble one another – it might not necessarily be for the explicit purpose of tripping up collectors and making them buy something they don’t mean to, but that is often a consequence of their similarities. One of the biggest culprits is between these two patterns: Candlewick and Boopie.

Let’s start off with Candlewick. It’s made by the Imperial Glass Company. It was produced from the mid-1930s to the mid-1980s. It’s clear with a beaded pattern along some of the edges.

Boopie, on the other hand, was made by Anchor Hocking in the 1950s. It’s also clear with a beaded pattern along some of the edges.

See how that can get confusing? It’s been tricking buyers and sellers for ages and we’ve been fooled by it more than once as well. Luckily, once you learn the differences between the patterns, it’s actually quite easy to distinguish the two.

This website is the best one I’ve found that gives a clear picture of how these two differ. Please visit it for a complete run-down. I’m just going to discuss the main point here.

The biggest difference that you need to know is in the beading. The candlewick beads are usually separated by a little bit of space, while the Boopie beads are much closer and may actually touch one another. See the pictures below for a comparison:

Notice the wide-set beads on the Candlewick…

…compared to the closely-placed beads on the Boopie.

There are some other differences, but this is the main one. If you have a more unusual piece, please refer to the website mentioned above, as it has some more specific examples to help you out.

I also find that candlewick generally looks daintier and classier, while Boopie is a bit heavier looking. After a while, you get a better feel for both kinds of glassware and distinction between the two will be much easier.

Here’s a Boopie candle holder that quite often gets mistaken as Candlewick.

And here’s another example of Candlewick.


5 thoughts on “Fakes & Forgeries: Candlewick vs. Boopie

  1. Lynne says:

    Question more than comment. I have a creamer and sugar set on a small tray. On the tray the beads are separated just like in the picture but the beads are next to each other on the handles of the creamer and sugar bowl. Is it boopie or candlewick or something else?

  2. Bev says:

    they are go withs

  3. Bev says:

    I have both and they are beautiful

  4. Lois Hancock says:

    Is not candlewich a crystal glassware and Boopie a pressed glass, and thus this is another way to determine the better one from the “fake” ?

  5. Constance White says:

    Thank you

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