My Weekly Score: Mansfield Model 500 8mm Projector

We’ve come across a few vintage movie projectors in the last year or so and I always enjoy finding them. Usually they look super retro and cool, and I just like the idea that they’ve held all those old films.

This latest one was pretty neat as well. It was a Mansfield model 500 8mm film projector. It was made of cast aluminum, so it was pretty hefty!

The projector still worked and only had a few minor physical blemishes. The light was burnt out, but I just took a picture of it so buyers would know what they had to replace. It all worked out in the end!

I can’t remember how much we paid for this, but I know it wasn’t a lot (maybe $5?). In the end we sold it for $65.00 to someone in Australia, which means that we didn’t have to pay for the shipping either. Whoo hoo!

Have you ever come across one of these?


Let us know what you think!

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