My Weekly Score: Sunflower Hanging Lamp

We’re pretty big fans of antique hanging lamps around here. They’re often unique, hand painted, and quite beautiful. The biggest complaint is that they’re pretty hard to ship and ensure that they’ve made it to the buyer in one piece. That’s usually a risk worth taking though, as they often bring in a pretty solid profit. I also love carrying on the legacy of these original kerosene lamps that haven’t been converted to electric. I think they make awesome additions to any room in a house.

This one has been one of my favorites. Although it was converted into an electric hanging lamp, the beauty of the shade is unsurpassed. The hand painted sunflower theme was subtle and detailed – plus I just really love the color green.

The rest of the lamp was brass and it had a group of prisms hanging off the edges. There were just a handful of them, which was nice. Sometimes prisms can be a little overwhelming – especially when you think about taking them on and off to try to clean them all!

This particular lamp cost us $168, which is a pretty good deal considering it was in excellent condition. We were able to sell it for $300 to a nice home in New Mexico.


2 thoughts on “My Weekly Score: Sunflower Hanging Lamp

  1. thatmidcenturyfella says:

    These always make me think of the scenes in Meet Me In St. Louis where they chase each other around the house turning down the lamps. Good find!

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