My Weekly Score: Feathers

Back in May, I told you all about how you can make some serious money from just selling stuff. Things you find around your house, or junk that you didn’t think had any worth. One of the things I mentioned was feathers. And now I’m here to prove to you that I wasn’t just blowing smoke.

This is a GIGANTIC lot of feathers. There was over three pounds here. The first part came from our own birds – we have a Sun Conure, a Goffin Cockatoo, an Umbrella Cockatoo, a Blue Front Amazon, a Cockatiel, and an African Grey. In the listing I wrote, “All of our birds are happy, healthy, and full of the Devil. :)”

(Please see the above linked article for information about what must be said in your listing in order to be able to sell it on eBay.)

The other half of the lot came from an estate sale. There were some more exotic feathers in here, to the point where I only recognized peacock, quail, and turkey out of the whole box! There were also some hackles and skins that came with this group, some of which were absolutely gorgeous.

It seems as though this lot had already been used for fly tying purposes previously, so we marketed it that way. We bought this lot for $32.50 and ended up selling it for $80.00!!


One thought on “My Weekly Score: Feathers

  1. TC Byrd says:

    Wow! Nice.

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