Spotlight: Trifari

Trifari is a company that has been producing costume jewelry since the 1920s. It was created in the early 1900s by Gustavo Trifari, an Italian immigrant. The jewelry that came out of this company was beautiful, elegant, and well made. For this reason, it has been worn by many high-profile celebrities and people of importance.

You may recognize the above necklace, which was part of a set, from this My Weekly Score post. Kunio Matsumoto was just one of the many designers that worked for Trifari and added their brilliance to various designs.

One of the most famous designs that Trifari was known for were their crown pins. They were so popular that Trifari eventually incorporated a crown into the signature they stamped on the back of their pieces. They even had “Jelly Belly” pins in the shape of animals that had a solid Lucite center. These are very popular even to this day, and generally go for a pretty decent price. (We haven’t been lucky enough to come across these ourselves, but check out the Google image search.)

I love Trifari because the pieces are always classy and well-preserved. Some of the smaller companies haven’t weathered the decades too well, but Trifari is just made up of quality costume jewelry. The designs are always gorgeous and they have something for everyone.

Here are some awesome examples that we’ve come across lately:

Do you have any pieces of Trifari? What’s your favorite one?


2 thoughts on “Spotlight: Trifari

  1. Fire Fox says:

    Are the star pieces signed Trifari? Because that looks like Emmons Rainbow Star to me.

    • I really, really want to say they were, but we’ve already sold them and I don’t have any pictures of the back. They’re pretty much identical to the Rainbow Star pieces and I can’t find any similar Trifari pieces. I have pictures of most of our signed pieces separated into different folders on my computer. I’d be pretty surprised if I made such an obvious mistake like that, but there’s still a very good chance that I did.

      Thanks for pointing that out and bringing it to my attention. If I happen across any indication that they’re not Emmons Rainbow Star pieces, I’ll be sure to report back here so everyone knows.

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