My Weekly Score: Noritake ‘Tree in the Meadow’ Waffle Set

Here’s a beautiful find for this week. It’s a berry creamer (which I assume is just a small pitcher to hold your fruit sauce) and a sugar shaker set, used for waffles or pancakes. This was made by Noritake and is in the pattern called “Tree in the Meadow.”

These are absolutely gorgeous. It comes in a beautiful array or oranges and yellows, and depicts a house near a tree that sits alongside a pond.

You can see the stamp below, which indicated that it was made in Japan and is also hand painted. The symbol in the center (the ‘M’ inside the wreath) stands for “Morimura” and is Noritake’s most common stamp.

We bought this set for $17.50 and were able to sell it for $55.00!

Have you ever come across a waffle set before? What about any more pieces in this pattern? I looked it up on Replacements and the set is just stunning. I hope we come across some more of it soon!


Let us know what you think!

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