This or That: Types of Tie Accessories

There are three main types of accessories that you can adorn your tie with. These three are the tie tack, the tie bar, and the tie clip. Two of them look particularly similar, so I’m going to break each one down for you and show you some pictures so you understand their differences.

Tie Tack

The tie tack is the smallest of the three. This is also the one that is the most different from the other two. The tack has two parts. The first part is the pin, which is what you attach to your tie. This works much like an earring post.

The second part is the bar, which is connected to the pin via a short chain. You simply push the bar through the button hole in your shirt, and the whole apparatus will keep your tie in place.

Tie Bar

A tie bar is also known as a tie slide, and for a good reason. This simply slides onto your tie and connects it to your dress shirt.

Tie Clip

Lastly, we have the tie clip. This looks awfully similar to the tie bar, but the main difference can be found on the back. Instead of sliding onto the tie, this part actually attaches to it via the alligator clip.

Out of all three choices, the tie clip is probably the best option. It won’t damage your tie like the tack will, and it’ll be more secure than the slide. If you want some other choices, and additional information, visit this great site.

Do you have a preferred tie accessory?


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