My Weekly Score: Bride’s Basket

To get a little Word of the Week on you, a bride’s basket (or bride’s bowl) is simply a bowl, usually with a fluted edge, that sits inside a carrier (the best of which are made of silver). These were often given as wedding presents and were – I believe – mostly decorative.

Here’s the one that we recently sold:

It was a beautiful pink and white cased bowl, hand blown (there was a pommel mark on the bottom), sitting inside a silver colored (but unfortunately not an actual silver) base.

This one had been sitting around for a while and I had mostly given up on it. It was a large investment on our part ($75), but it was such a beautiful piece and definitely one for a collector. No damage or anything.

In the end we sold it for $125. Not a huge profit, but one that was good enough. It’s now off our shelves and in a good home. There’s nothing more we could ask for. 🙂

Have you ever come across one of these before? Did you know what it was called?


Let us know what you think!

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