My Weekly Score: Goldwash Flatware

For $28 we picked up this 134 piece set of goldwash flatware. It can’t get much better than that.

It didn’t have a pattern name of any maker’s marks, so I’m actually not sure where it came from. They all had wooden handles and the set came in its own wooden carrying case (with bright pink velvet lining, no less!).

This was roughly a setting for 12, and it also included some specialty serving pieces.

Something like this would be great to have on the table during Christmastime or during a fancy dinner. Imagine eating with gold forks!

We sold this set for $75.00.

Have you ever seen a set like this before? What kind of dinnerware/flatware do you put out during the holidays?


One thought on “My Weekly Score: Goldwash Flatware

  1. Steve McCary says:

    I have a 12pc set very similar… Bought it for $46 and I’m sure I’ll get about $150 out of it.

    I’m thinking these are made in South East Asia, maybe Siam or India circa mid cntry

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