My Weekly Score: Austin Statue

Now this was a beautiful find.

It’s a gorgeous Alice Heath statue by Austin Productions. This one is titled “Memories” and features a woman sitting on a rock with her legs crossed, looking outward as if she’s remembering pieces of her past.

This is a ceramic/plaster sculpture made to look like bronze. Her dress is a beautiful pearly silver color. “Alice Heath” is carved into the top edge of the stone on the back.

And although this was made not that long ago, in 1990, it’s no longer being produced. Statues from Austin Productions are highly collectible anyway, and we were lucky enough to come across one that was in perfect condition! The little art geek in me was doing a jig because I thought she was so beautiful.

We bought her for $23.52 and ended up selling her for $74.99. There are other statues in the same line, with the same girl in different poses, that sell for much more. If you ever see one of these hanging around somewhere, snatch it up! Not only is it a good sell, but it might just be the perfect addition to your garden. 😉

Ever hear of Austin Productions before? Have you ever picked up something to sell and decided you’d like to keep it instead?


5 thoughts on “My Weekly Score: Austin Statue

  1. rosemary says:

    I bought mother and child in bronze and silver a few years ago. Was going to sell it but couldn’t. There is something about it that draws you to it. Dated 1988 on it. Still curious what it would be worth

  2. Mary says:

    I have an Alice Heath sculpture in great condition that I found at Goodwill – I think she was about $15.00. Found the ballet shoes Waiting In The Wings, there too… also $15.00 and Kindrid Spirits there for $12.
    I wish I could find out the name of the Alice Heath statue though.

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