Word of the Week: Cut Glass

Cut glass is glass that has been decorated with a pattern that was cut by hand using rotating wheels. The wheels can either be made of metal or made of stone.

Identifying cut glass can be a little tricky sometimes, but the more you deal in it, the better off you’ll be. My go-to indicator is to feel the edges of the pattern – if they’re a little sharper than usual, then you’ve probably got cut glass on your hands. Cut glass also won’t have a seam anywhere on it like pressed glass does.

Although it doesn’t do much good to show you pictures of cut glass, since both cut and pressed glass can essentially have the same pattern, here are some examples anyway:

Do you collect cut glass? Have you ever come across any awesome pieces before?


6 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Cut Glass

  1. thatmidcenturyfella says:

    Aww…. Love the stuff.

  2. […] week we talked about cut glass, so this week we’re going to touch on pressed glass. Where cut glass is made by hand using a […]

  3. Jan Frtistoe says:

    I really enjoy all your newsletters. A terminology that we have been hearing lately is “American Brilliant” Can you clarify this for us or describe what it is referring to, please.

  4. […] request from a reader, this time to discuss the term “American Brilliant.” This has to do with cut glass, and was actually an era that was in existence between 1876 and […]

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