My Weekly Score: Maritime Lantern

As I’ve said before, The Boss seems to have an affinity for lights and lamps. Lanterns are no exception. We got this bad boy in quite a while ago:

It’s an antique lantern that, presumably, once belonged on a ship. It was made out of copper and brass. Etched on the front were a bunch of number and letter combinations we couldn’t make head or tail out of.

The inside was for oil, and there was still a little bit of usable wick in there for it. There was some damage to the lantern as a whole, including some rusty areas, but overall I thought it still looked pretty nice.

Maritime items are pretty popular – particularly ones that have lighthouses on them. These old lanterns sell pretty well too. We had to sit on this one for a while, but having bought it from $150, we sold it off for $200, which didn’t include the shipping.

Although this was a great sale in terms of what we sold, the price wasn’t quite as much as we would hope for. No complaints here, though. It’s a neat item and I’m just glad that somebody found a good use for it!

Have you come across any neat nautical items recently?


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