Links – Research Database (For Sellers & Collectors)

Below you will find a list of links that we, as eBay sellers, use on a daily basis. Included in the list are some more specific resources for collectors and sellers alike. Everything is listed in alphabetical order, with a blurb about each one underneath.

Carnival Glass 101
This is a wonderful site for learning about carnival glass, and is perfect for beginners. Some of the best pages highlight the different colors, manufacturers, and terms associated with this beautiful type of glassware. There’s a lot of information to learn, and this site is laid out nicely. A great one to peruse in your spare time!

David Doty’s Carnival Glass Website
This is a newly discovered site of ours that I’m itching to really get into. It is a FREE index of carnival glass that is just brimming with information. The indexes you can search include pattern, shape, motif, and maker. You can find additional information that includes trends, fakes, maker’s marks, and much, much more. Even if you can’t find your particular piece, this site is great for picking up some additional vocabulary that collectors might use when searching for an item they wish to buy.

Illusion Jewel’s Presents: Researching Costume Jewelry
This is an incredible site that also happens to be FREE. I use this whenever I’m searching for information or history on a particular company. They have an index that runs from A-Z, and I’m pretty sure they have every company that has ever existed in the history of costume jewelry. What also makes this site so great is that most of the time it shows you pictures of the signatures, and how they’ve changed over the years. This is great for when you’re trying to pinpoint the year in which your piece was made.

My Wades World
Dedicated to helping you identify your Wade figurines, this FREE database features the largest catalog I have come across in my research. Please note that it is incomplete and many of the pictures are missing, but this is a good starting point. I usually search by character or animal, then Google the results I’ve found. That usually gets me to an answer.

Parker Pens
This guy has put a lot of time and effort into this set, which houses all sorts of fantastic information about vintage Parker pens. Fountain pens can be a HUGE source of income for sellers, so take a look at his sight and see what is worth your time. This site not only helps you identify your Parker pens, but also gives an in-depth history behind each one.

Pyrex Love
The people that run this website love their Pyrex – and why shouldn’t they? It’s a great place to learn about the versatility of Pyrex, but also a great place to research vintage patterns for the pieces you may be selling online. They have wonderful pictures and an easy-to-use (FREE) guide. This website make me love Pyrex even more!

This site is truly irreplaceable. This is another FREE index of patterns and makers – perfect for anyone who sells dinnerware or flatware. You can search through their lists of manufacturers, or you can plug in your own keywords. This site is vital for when you’ve bought a set of plates and you have no idea what the pattern name (or even the maker’s name) is.

Salt & Pepper Novelty Shakers Club
This is a really neat website! It’s helmed by salt & pepper enthusiasts from all around the world. Not only do they have a convention you can attend and a newsletter you can receive, but their site is full of awesome information. The “Shaker Form Types” page tells you all the different kinds of shapes shakers can come in, while the “Convention Shakers” page lists the limited edition shakers that you receive if you attend the convention. There’s so much more to this site than meets the eye, so make sure you check it out!!

This site is essential for sellers. It records all sorts of information from eBay and puts it into a searchable database. We use this to look up items we plan on buying, in order to see how much we should pay for something, as well as items we are getting ready to sell, in order to see what price we should start it at. You do have to buy a subscription to use it.

The eBay Entrepreneur
I love, love, love this blog. It’s run by Tristen O’Brien, a top rated eBay seller. He posts once a day pretty regularly, and covers all sort of great topics: tips and tricks for selling on eBay, how to buy items from Target and Goodwill to resell online, and even some personal success stories. He’s got a great community built up among this site already, and its a wonderful place to interact with him and other eBay sellers.

What a Character!
This is a really neat website because it is an index of just about any character from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. They specialize in figural pieces from between these years, but you might find some other interesting items as well. This site is mostly geared toward collectors, as they sell everything on their website. But they also provide little blurbs about each item, so researchers and sellers can find some useful information too. You can search by letter or you can plug in keywords to try to find what you’re looking for. It might be a great way to find out the name of a character that you don’t recognize!


2 thoughts on “Links – Research Database (For Sellers & Collectors)

  1. Shaaronweldin says:

    Get Topics. I have real Gems from Africa and other places that I got from JTV. The stones are cut ready for setting. I would like to sell them but not sure how. I am a designer and Jewelry Maker with a lot of stuff to sell. I have been doing this for five years. Really need to sell it.

  2. Amy B Dixon says:

    I have tons of vintage signed and unsigned costume jewelry, I would like someone to help me sell these pieces, do you know of a service that can do this.

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