Links – Selling Database

Below you will find a list of websites that we recommend to list on. Please note that eBay is still THE best website to sell on because of the amount of traffic that it receives. However, we’ve done well on these sites, too.

This is one of the more obvious sites we have listed here, and chances are that if you’re a serious seller, you’re already on this one. Amazon is quickly catching up to eBay, and in many ways has surpassed it already. We use this site for books, VHS tapes, and DVDs, which are quick to list if they have item numbers (and easy to search for if they don’t). You can sell just about anything on this site, though electronics are a hot item for this one. We use the basic seller plan, which is free. There are no listing fees. However, it can be a little expensive when they take out fees once the item has sold. Also, be warned that some items just aren’t worth selling on here, so always do your homework first. The minimum amount you can list an item for is .01¢.

This website is particularly great for selling vintage or handmade items. It is easy to use and has a super supportive community. One fun feature is that you can put together and be featured in “collections” on the site. The collections are great for advertising items. If you’re super lucky, your collection (or a collection that contains your item) may be featured on the front page for everyone to see. A subscription for a seller’s account costs $12.95 a month, and there are no listing or final value fees to worry about. However, the one big drawback to this site is that you cannot do bulk uploads, but have to list each item individually.

This is a site that we’re just getting started on, but one that shows great promise. It is an excellent money making opportunity for anyone, especially eBay sellers who are already used to this sort of work. The premise behind the site is that you can advertise what you will do for $5 – and it can be ANYTHING (within reason). I’ve seen a lot of people selling testimonials and social media related services, but don’t feel like you have to go down this road. Just check out the site and you’ll see that there is a whole range of options here, from goofy to professional and everywhere in between. Figure out what you’re good at as an eBay seller, and put it to use on this site! You can make some serious money doing this, and if you’re lucky you can spend a minimal amount of time working for it!

Half is eBay’s answer to Amazon, and is used in pretty much the same way. We sell music (mostly records, but some CDs), DVDs, and books on this site. Note that you cannot list items on here if they do not have an item number, so in many ways this is more limited than Amazon. You can also sell items if they have a UPC code. This site connects to your main eBay account, so you automatically have use of it if you’re already selling on eBay. They only take fees out once you sell your item. The minimum amount you can list an item for is .75¢, so you’re able to make a little bit more money off of each item than what Amazon offers.

iOffer is one of the best sites traffic-wise (for us, at least), aside from the Big Three (eBay, Amazon, and Half). There are no listing fees and you get a free store when you create an account. You can also transfer items and ratings. Their stats are impressive and are always on the rise. The downfall to this is that you must stay on top of the inventory because although you can bulk upload, you can’t bulk delete items. (In other words, you only want to upload items that aren’t already on iOffer, and you must delete an item individually if it sells on another website.) It can be time consuming to maintain, so you want to make sure you have a strong system.


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