My Weekly Score: Sandwich Glass Cereal Bowls

We got a whole bunch of Anchor Hocking glassware in a few weeks ago, nearly all of it being sandwich glass. (Sandwich is the pattern, but it’s referred to collectively as sandwich glass). Among a wide array of bowls, plates, cups, and specialty pieces, we had these four cereal bowls:

As you can see, we decided to split these up into two lots of two each. It was a good thing we did!

There was an all out bidding war on the first set we put up. It ended at $88.94. We were much less successful with the second pair, but still netted $26.00. That’s a total of $114.94. For four bowls.

We paid over $900 for the entire set, and have over 150 pieces. That means we paid roughly $5 per piece of sandwich glass. For these four bowls, we got about $28 per piece. That works for me.

Next week I’ll bring you another sandwich glass score!