Word of the Week: Ball and Claw

“Ball and claw” refers to the shape of the footed legs of an item – whether it be as small as a sugar bowl or as big as a tub. In particular, this gives us a claw that is gripping a round ball (usually glass). It’s a pretty classic design and kind of Medieval-chic, if such a thing exists.

It’s as simple as that! This particular ball and slaw foot belongs to one leg of a piano stool we recently sold. Check out the wide shot:

Have you come across this before? What item was it?


Word of the Week: Footed

This is sort of an arbitrary term to define, but basically this describes something that has a stem and base or legs attached to a bowl, cup, etc.

As always, it’s best to show it in pictures. First we have a typical “footed bowl,” with three or more legs. Sometimes these can look like actual feet (usually of animals, like a lion), other times they’re just plain legs found at the bottom of the bowl.

The feet on this one are actually in the shape of shells, to match the design of the rest of the bowl.

The second type is also often referred to as footed, or even “stemmed.” This is typically seen with glasses that have a long stem, then a round base at the bottom.

It’s as easy as that!