My Weekly Score: Murano Marlin

Murano is an island off the coast of Italy, but it’s also a type of glass that is made through a different and more complex process than most other glass. Because of this, it’s highly collectible and sought after.

We came across the above piece of Murano at an auction and paid $9 for it. It’s in the shape of a swordfish. The colors are cobalt blue, yellow, and clear. It’s a fairly large piece, standing at 14” tall.

It had one flaw – that the tip of the tail on the fish had broken off. It could be sanded down and maybe even slightly reshaped if someone had the time and tools to invest in it.

Despite the obvious damage, this ended up inciting a mini-bidding war. It sold for $43.99 and although Murano can go for much more than that, it was still a great sale. There are a lot of factors that must be considered when buying or selling Murano – something I hope we can get into at a later date here on the blog.

Have you come across any Murano before? Would you like a swordfish statue, or do you prefer a different kind of animal?