Word of the Week: Bisque

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), I’m not blogging about soup today.

No, the bisque we’re talking about is a type of porcelain that is, simply enough, unglazed. It’s fired in a kiln at a certain temperature and is typically quite porous.

Bisque is easy to spot because it’s often white and scratchy (not smooth), which are both the result of not being glazed.

Here’s a picture of a bisque figurine:

Do you prefer the soup or the figurine?? 😉


Word of the Week: Backstamp

This is in relation to ceramics – it’s the maker’s mark that you often find on the bottom of a piece of pottery or a piece of dinnerware.

Backstamps are useful to pay attention to because they often tell you the name of the maker, where the piece was made, and maybe even the date or pattern name. Oftentimes you can tell the date of a piece just by what kind of backstamp it has – if you’re familiar enough with the history of the company, of course.

If you’re a seller, these are vital to document in your listings. Also make sure you take a picture of it, so people can see it for themselves!