My Weekly Score: Crazy Daisy Dishes

Corelle’s Corning Ware is usually nothing worth shaking a stick at. (That’s a strange expression, isn’t it?) However, we recently had a very nice sale of a group of dishes in the “Crazy Daisy” pattern.

The pattern also goes by “Spring Blossom” and just features a basic white background and green flowers along the edges.

If you ever see this pattern in a thrift store, pick it up! We had 81 pieces in our lot and listed it as a single group. Corelle is pretty sturdy, and there was no major damage to any of the pieces.

This group sold fairly quickly at $120.00. We paid less than $10 for it all! The buyer also paid for shipping, so that was a huge plus as well.

While there’s no guarantee that this pattern will always sell well (that depends on A LOT of factors), we think it’s definitely worthy of picking it up to try listing it.


My Weekly Score: Tiffany Style Butterfly Lamps

Tiffany lamps sell for a lot of money. But so do lamps that are just done in their likeness. Enter the beautiful stained glass butterfly themed lamp below:

This was in perfect condition – no chips, no cracks, no damage to speak of. It was a nice electrical table lamp that still worked. It’d be perfect for just about any room in the house – living room, bedroom, office.

We picked up this lamp for $61.60 and turned it around for $160. Not bad!

With lamps like this, it’s so important to make sure you take the extra time and effort to pack it up really well. They’re so fragile and the post office is so rough on boxes that you need to be extra careful.

Have you come across any good lamps lately?

My Weekly Score: Sandwich Glass Tumblers

I hope you’re not tired of seeing sandwich glass just yet! This is the second MWS post I’ve done on this type of glassware and as it’s a great seller, I doubt that it’s going to go away any time soon. (Check out the post I wrote about the cereal bowls.)

We were lucky enough to have 12 of these glasses. We split them up into groups of four and sold three lots of them one right after the other. (Have I mentioned yet that sandwich glass is a great seller?)

I put each set up for $24.99 and each one ended up in an all-out bidding war. It wasn’t quite as grand as the cereal bowls that made it up to $80+, but it was nice to see anyway!

We ended up getting $30, $40, and $41 for each set, for a total of $111. That’s almost $10 a glass! Seeing as we paid around $5 for each piece, we just about doubled our money on this score. Sweet!

The last set of glasses had flaws, but they ended up selling anyway. I love when that happens!

My Weekly Score: Maritime Lantern

As I’ve said before, The Boss seems to have an affinity for lights and lamps. Lanterns are no exception. We got this bad boy in quite a while ago:

It’s an antique lantern that, presumably, once belonged on a ship. It was made out of copper and brass. Etched on the front were a bunch of number and letter combinations we couldn’t make head or tail out of.

The inside was for oil, and there was still a little bit of usable wick in there for it. There was some damage to the lantern as a whole, including some rusty areas, but overall I thought it still looked pretty nice.

Maritime items are pretty popular – particularly ones that have lighthouses on them. These old lanterns sell pretty well too. We had to sit on this one for a while, but having bought it from $150, we sold it off for $200, which didn’t include the shipping.

Although this was a great sale in terms of what we sold, the price wasn’t quite as much as we would hope for. No complaints here, though. It’s a neat item and I’m just glad that somebody found a good use for it!

Have you come across any neat nautical items recently?

My Weekly Score: Gilbert Erector Set

This was a fabulous little find that we came across recently. It’s a vintage A.C. Gilbert erector set from the 1940s. This is the 8 ½ model to build an all electric Ferris wheel. How cool is that!?

It boasted the slogan, “The World’s Greatest Toy!” and I’m sure a lot of boys would have agreed. This is a future engineer’s dream and I’m sure it was on everybody’s Christmas list back when these were super popular.

Our erector set was a little worn. The metal case had some scratches, but not anything too deep or damaging. I’m sure some parts were missing too, but we had over 200 pieces here and a lot of them were still in great shape. There was a little bit of rusting as well, but considering this is 70+ years old…that’s to be expected!

We pitched this as a collector’s item, though we were explicit to note the damage and the fact that it probably wasn’t complete. I also mentioned that it would be good if you already had a set that wasn’t complete, and used this to round out those parts that you were missing.

We bought this set for $30.80 at our local auction house and ended up selling it for $84.99. Some sets, depending on what model it is, sell for $200+. But we were really happy with what this went for and the fact that it got a new home! That’s win-win in my eyes. 🙂

Have you ever come across one of these before? Have you played with one?

My Weekly Score: Austin Statue

Now this was a beautiful find.

It’s a gorgeous Alice Heath statue by Austin Productions. This one is titled “Memories” and features a woman sitting on a rock with her legs crossed, looking outward as if she’s remembering pieces of her past.

This is a ceramic/plaster sculpture made to look like bronze. Her dress is a beautiful pearly silver color. “Alice Heath” is carved into the top edge of the stone on the back.

And although this was made not that long ago, in 1990, it’s no longer being produced. Statues from Austin Productions are highly collectible anyway, and we were lucky enough to come across one that was in perfect condition! The little art geek in me was doing a jig because I thought she was so beautiful.

We bought her for $23.52 and ended up selling her for $74.99. There are other statues in the same line, with the same girl in different poses, that sell for much more. If you ever see one of these hanging around somewhere, snatch it up! Not only is it a good sell, but it might just be the perfect addition to your garden. 😉

Ever hear of Austin Productions before? Have you ever picked up something to sell and decided you’d like to keep it instead?

My Weekly Score: Goldwash Flatware

For $28 we picked up this 134 piece set of goldwash flatware. It can’t get much better than that.

It didn’t have a pattern name of any maker’s marks, so I’m actually not sure where it came from. They all had wooden handles and the set came in its own wooden carrying case (with bright pink velvet lining, no less!).

This was roughly a setting for 12, and it also included some specialty serving pieces.

Something like this would be great to have on the table during Christmastime or during a fancy dinner. Imagine eating with gold forks!

We sold this set for $75.00.

Have you ever seen a set like this before? What kind of dinnerware/flatware do you put out during the holidays?