My Weekly Score: Sandwich Glass Tumblers

I hope you’re not tired of seeing sandwich glass just yet! This is the second MWS post I’ve done on this type of glassware and as it’s a great seller, I doubt that it’s going to go away any time soon. (Check out the post I wrote about the cereal bowls.)

We were lucky enough to have 12 of these glasses. We split them up into groups of four and sold three lots of them one right after the other. (Have I mentioned yet that sandwich glass is a great seller?)

I put each set up for $24.99 and each one ended up in an all-out bidding war. It wasn’t quite as grand as the cereal bowls that made it up to $80+, but it was nice to see anyway!

We ended up getting $30, $40, and $41 for each set, for a total of $111. That’s almost $10 a glass! Seeing as we paid around $5 for each piece, we just about doubled our money on this score. Sweet!

The last set of glasses had flaws, but they ended up selling anyway. I love when that happens!


My Weekly Score: Sandwich Glass Cereal Bowls

We got a whole bunch of Anchor Hocking glassware in a few weeks ago, nearly all of it being sandwich glass. (Sandwich is the pattern, but it’s referred to collectively as sandwich glass). Among a wide array of bowls, plates, cups, and specialty pieces, we had these four cereal bowls:

As you can see, we decided to split these up into two lots of two each. It was a good thing we did!

There was an all out bidding war on the first set we put up. It ended at $88.94. We were much less successful with the second pair, but still netted $26.00. That’s a total of $114.94. For four bowls.

We paid over $900 for the entire set, and have over 150 pieces. That means we paid roughly $5 per piece of sandwich glass. For these four bowls, we got about $28 per piece. That works for me.

Next week I’ll bring you another sandwich glass score!