eBay Quick Tip #4: List in Groups

Another quick tip for you eBay sellers out there.

One of the most efficient ways you can list items on eBay is to do it in groups. For example, list all your jewelry at once. You can even break it down further by listing all your necklaces, then all your bracelets, your earrings, etc.

This works so well because it means that you’ll have to change less information from listing to listing. If you listed a bracelet, then a shirt, then a necklace, you can see how you’d have to change your template entirely, not just adjust a few pieces of information.

If you’re able to, save up some of your items until you’ve got a good batch. Then you can alternate between the groups, saving up on some while listing the others. You’ll get into a system this way, and you’ll be able to list better than you did before.

So, in short, do everything in groups. You’ll find yourself listing more, faster. And that’s always a great thing!


eBay Quick Tip #1 – Templates

Just popping in today with a quick tip for eBay sellers.

If you sell a lot of similar items like we do (this is excellent for jewelry and clothes), instead of creating a full-blown listing for each one, it’s much easier to use a simple list instead. For the new jewelry, we set up our list like this:

The piece(s) of jewelry you find here are overstock from a jewelry store. They are brand new and never worn, though they may be without tags or original packaging. Most of the jewelry we have here is bold and unique! Please visit our store for additional pieces of jewelry – both vintage and new, signed and unsigned.

Type: Bracelet
Style: Chain/Link
Color(s): Gold/Brass, White, Dark Blue/Green
Composition: Unknown metal, Glass
Maker: Unsigned
Measurement: 7″ long, .5″ wide
Damage: None
Additional Notes: The stones in this bracelet are a very deep blue/green. They’re a little more green than the photo gives them credit for. It’s an absolutely gorgeous color, but very hard to capture in a picture.

This is just a random example with information filled in, but you get the idea. This way you don’t have to sit in front of your computer and try to come up with the right words. You can just drop the information in and be done a lot quicker!

The best part is that the first paragraph always stays the same, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to tell everyone that these are new, unused, from an overstock store, etc. On top of that, you will always have the different categories in front of you, so you also won’t forget to mention how long something is or if there’s some damage.

What I love most about this, though, is that it’s easy for customers. They don’t have to weed through paragraphs of drivel to get through the information. I’m sure it’s much easier for foreign costumers too. It’s simple, to the point, and allows you to finish your listings much faster.

Do you use templates like this? What do you think of the idea? Are there any drawbacks to doing it this way? How would you like to have more of these quick eBay tips in the future?